Let Us Help You Create Moments That Take Your Breath Away!

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An Adventure Travel Agency!

Let Us Help You Create Moments That Take Your Breath Away!

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Fierce & Fabulous Wanderlust is a Travel Agency helping you to create moments, etched in time, around the world. 

Our specialty is creating all-inclusive packages for individual and/or group travelers who love adventure travel.  We will help you check items off your bucket list and create forever memories!

We also cater to women's travel groups, especially Fierce & Fabulous Women over 50!

Tell us what's on your bucket list and let us do the rest.

Our Values

Wrap up warm for our mountainous expeditions!


§ Service
§ Excellence
§ Attention to details
§ Organization
§ Adventure

Our Expertise

Exploring the desert using a camel for transport

 Fierce & Fabulous Wanderlust has the following certifications which allows us to provide expert services to our customers:

  • Egypt Expert
  • Globus Tour Expert
  • Avalon Waterways Specialist 
  • Monograms Booking Agent
  • Marriott Hotel Sales Specialist
  • Certified South African Specialist
  • South African Specialist-Adventure
  • European Rail Expert (TRAC)
  • France Rail Expert (TRAC)
  • Switzerland Rail Expert (TRAC)
  • AMAWaterways Specialist
  • Aussie Specialist Agent
  • UniWorld River Cruise Specialist
  • Thailand Specialist
  • Costa Rica Specialist
  • Jumeirah  Beacon
  • SITA Destination Specialist
  •  Kenya Authorized Travel Specialist 

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A Deeper Dive

Who We Are!


  Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away". (Vicki Corona) 

  Fierce & Fabulous Wanderlust (F&FW) was created exactly for that reason! We are an Adventure Travel Agency whose sole purpose is to help our clients explore the World and create those Moments that take your breath away!   

Started by its ever-curious founder, Della, F&FW was born out the decision to get up and go see the world; not just to visit the highlights, but to really discover herself and to satisfy her taste for adventure...you know, check things off of the bucket list. she wanted experiences that challenged her and made her step outside of her comfort zone. Whether solo or in a group,she is committed to exploring the world and experiencing those Moments that take her Breath away!  

Our Mission

Happy customers tour on camels across the desert

  F&FW's mission is to help our clients create moments that take their breath away.  We fulfill the dreams of our clients by helping them check off their ‘bucket’ lists of trips while also introducing them to adventures they never before imagined! Exploring the world’s wonders has never been easier with the help of our global database of travel providers. We can either organize entire trips with every detail covered or involve our clients in the process, because at the end of the day, we know that it is their dreams we are fulfilling – not ours!  

Client Testimonials

Group of women aged 35 and over adventure across Iceland 2019

 Della did a wonderful job planning our New Year trip to amazing Iceland.   We were able to travel to this famously expensive country without  spending a fortune thanks to Della's diligent work in finding the best  hotel rates and airfare....  Maryann O.

  Della is meticulous in her trip planning... Her attention to detail avoids unexpected snafus as much as is possible, and she has the ability to quickly and seamlessly move to an alternate plan if necessary....You could not put yourself in better hands when embarking on your first-- or fiftieth adventure!  Ellen T. 

 Della organized an  extraordinary trip to Iceland over New Year's. The event was well  researched to the last detail. She got us a good price for airfare and  accommodations..... Della's tour was at the right pace: a nice balance  between touring and downtime to relax. The  dynamics of the group is  inclusion. Everyone feels they belong. I would not hesitate traveling  with Della again.  Maria L.


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